Liner notes – Vintage


1. Blackfish Annie – Produced by Colin Nairne at Baker Street studio in North Vancouver for the Passenger Stanton sessions. This song is named after my good friend, and ex-bartender at the Blackfish Pub In Gibsons B.C. Where I once hosted a Sunday Jam back in the late 1990’s.

2. Gettin to know ya – Produced by Colin Nairne, and recorded at  Baker Street.  This song was originally released on the Passenger Stanton cd. It was written at the Walnut Valley music Festival  in Winfield Kansas during the week after 9/11.

3. Make me proud – Produced by Geoff Gibbons at Crosstown studio in North Vancouver for the “There you go” CD. Written with a leaky roof keeping time at my kitchen table in White Rock. In memory of Christine Stanton

4. Sometimes you win – Produced by Ray Fulber and Simon Paradis at Straight sound in Roberts Creek  with The Precious Littles. This was recorded “live off the floor” and was the first song recorded for the CD, ” Sometimes you win” .Our good friend Barry Taylor on  drums.

5. Anything – Produced by Colin Nairne and released on “Passenger Stanton”.  Recorded at Baker Street in North Vancouver with  Gerry Millar  (reluctantly) playing the  bass pedals of a Hammond organ. This song was written on a break between gigs while touring the Cariboo country of B.C.  When I was spending a couple of days camping with my dog just outside of Quesnel.

6. Tomorrow this time – Produced by Joe Stanton and recorded in Zug Switzerland during a 1997 tour with Dennis Jensen. This song was written about coming home from traveling in Europe,  friends waving goodbye at the plane from the airport bar.

7. The Hard way – From the Sometimes you win sessions at Straight Sound. This song has the recurring theme of sitting at the side of the road staring at a broken down pick-up truck. The truck in this case was a 1986 Chevy 3/4 ton. Wouldn’t start when the Langdale ferry pulled into Horseshoe bay. Barry Taylor on the drums.

8. Light Rain with a dark roast – From the Passenger Stanton sessions at Baker Street. This song was originally titled, “Sleeping dogs”, but having borrowed that title for another song on the Sometimes you win CD I had to come up with another title for this record, so while drinking a coffee on a rainy  morning at Wheatberries in Sechelt, I settled on this title.

9. All I see – Produced by Geoff Gibbons for “There you go”,  This is one of those songs written in 5 minutes,  I sat down first thing in the morning and pretty well played this as it is here.

10. She only loves me for my train songs – Produced by Joe Stanton and recorded in Switzerland for “Tomorrow this time” . We needed one more song for the CD,  so I came up with this tune in honour of one of our biggest fans at our gig in St. Moritz who would always request a train song.



Cover Photo – Andy Cotton

Mike Rogerson – engineered  additional recording, and initial mastering

Zen Mastering – did the final masters.

Angie McCauley – did the graphic design

Performers :

Sometimes you win
Simon Paradis – electric guitar, baritone guitar, vocals. Tom Neville – Violin, mandolin,vocals.   Gerry Millar – electic bass, acoustic bass . Barry Taylor – drums. Jay Johnson – drums. Peter Vanduersen – Hammond organ. Linda Kidder, Sue Leonard, Susann Richter -background vocals.  Joe Stanton – acoustic guitars, vocals