Last summer I put together a compilation disc to be available for the  Vancouver Island musicfest.

Its a collection of 10 songs, from all of the previous CD’s, including 2 previously unreleased  instrumental tunes that were cut from the final version of Passenger Stanton.

One of those tunes, “Light rain with a dark roast” was originally called Sleeping dogs, but having  stole that title for a song on The Precious Littles record. and with the Vintage CD at the pressing plant , I still didn’t have a name for the song.

Milling over the last of the graphics at Wheatberries coffee shop in Sechelt, I needed a quick decision, so looking out the window at the West coast drizzle, sipping on an Italian dark roast, I wrote in the track listing…Light rain with a dark roast.

It suits the song, because it’s a mellow relaxing kind of song, and it has 2 sections, the second one a little more aggressive than the first, so I figure thats when the caffiene kicks in.

The cd is available for sale at live gigs for $10, or just shoot me an e-mail with your mailing address  and I can send you one.

 It  will soon be available here, and on i-tunes

“Sometimes You Win” played by Simon Paradis and Joe Stanton during a live album recording at Strait Sound Studio in Roberts Creek BC.

Video by Tamar, introduction by Simon.


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Oct 4 2012


See you in Indio This November.


Linda McCrae


Last summer I ran into Linda McCrae at the Vancouver Island Musicfest, and invited her to come out to the coast for a few gigs.
So I’m really excited that she will be  coming out for  a few shows this December.

First at Straight Sound in Roberts Creek, Friday December 14, then me and Simon will be opening for Linda at the Coopers Green Hall in Halfmoon Bay, Dec. 15, and she will be joining us for our regular Sunday afternoon jam at The Garden Bay pub December 16.

Tickets will be available here, as well as Straight sound, and the usual outlets.

Linda’s New CD, Rough edges and Ragged hearts has been nominated for Contemporary Album of the Year for the Canadian Folk Music Awards 2012