Linda will be coming to the coast and playing 2 concerts.
She’ll be at Strait Sound on Friday December 14, then Simon and Joe will be the opening act for the Coopers Green show, December 15.
She will also be sitting in at the Garden Bay pub jam on the 16th.
Strait sound is an intimate venue, holding only about 30 people, its also the recording studio where we recorded “Sometimes you win”, and where Deanna Cartae recorded her award winning CD.
check out pictures and such at straitsound
Then the next night is at the Coopers Green hall in halfmoon Bay. The Welcome Beach community association is our sponsor, and we are hoping that this will be the first of a concert series for Halfmoon Bay.
Tickets for the Strait sound show are available at Coast Books in Gibsons, and from Strait sound.
Tickets for the Halfmoon Bay show are available at The Fawn Road Market, and the Halfmoon Bay store.

Juno award nominee Linda McCrae will be performing an intimate house concert at Strait Sound in Roberts Creek December 14th , and at The Coopers Green hall in Halfmoon Bay December 15th.

Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts Linda McRae’ s highly anticipated
fourth solo release doesn’t describe the gold and platinum polish
enhancing a musical career spanning 25 years.
Linda earned a Juno nomination and double Platinum triple Gold recording status as bassist and
accordionist with Celtic/Roots group Spirit of the West. Departing the band after eight years she
resumed her solo career
Performing on clawhammer banjo, acoustic guitar, accordion and porchboard stompbox,
Linda combines old-time sounds with universal themes of heartbreak & redemption offering
an intriguing sepia postcard from the past that is vibrant and alive in the present


Simon and Joe  will be playing every Thursday at Buccaneers restaurant at the Lighthouse pub in Sechelt. The show starts at 7:00, and we play a set list of singer/songwriter tunes.
All of our favorite songwriters like John Prine, Bob Dylan, Lyle Lovett, Gordon Lightfoot, plus new and old originals.
So far its been a lot of fun, and the venue suits itself perfectly to acoustic music.

Last month Simon hosted a few eveinings, and brought in his old friend, Guido Heistek, and we hope to bring in more special guests in the new year.

Oct 20 2012

Sechelt Arts Crawl

townsite brewing                                                                           Fresh from the coast


It was a great evening at Fresh From the coast in Sechelt for  the Sunshine coast Arts Crawl.

Thanks to Ty’s fine foods for the appy’s, and Townsite Brewing  for the suds.



The King of the Sawdust ring – From the cd ” Sometimes you win”

Last summer I put together a compilation disc to be available for the  Vancouver Island musicfest.

Its a collection of 10 songs, from all of the previous CD’s, including 2 previously unreleased  instrumental tunes that were cut from the final version of Passenger Stanton.

One of those tunes, “Light rain with a dark roast” was originally called Sleeping dogs, but having  stole that title for a song on The Precious Littles record. and with the Vintage CD at the pressing plant , I still didn’t have a name for the song.

Milling over the last of the graphics at Wheatberries coffee shop in Sechelt, I needed a quick decision, so looking out the window at the West coast drizzle, sipping on an Italian dark roast, I wrote in the track listing…Light rain with a dark roast.

It suits the song, because it’s a mellow relaxing kind of song, and it has 2 sections, the second one a little more aggressive than the first, so I figure thats when the caffiene kicks in.

The cd is available for sale at live gigs for $10, or just shoot me an e-mail with your mailing address  and I can send you one.

 It  will soon be available here, and on i-tunes